ACAB Till Otherwise Proven


I haven’t trusted the police since I was 13. I’m now 41.

All cops are bastards like all guns are loaded.

Hi, like a lot of Black people, have a mistress of the police that is based in both history and personal experience.And even in my last serious relationship, that person was in law-enforcement. My mouth is way too slick the date anybody law-enforcement, but that’s not while we’re here.

The one thing I must emphasize, is while we know that “good cops exist”. They’re just not enough of them! And the system by which good and bad cops are operating in, is based in fugitive slave law practices is powered by white supremacy and capitalism.

While I do understand that every profession has issues. I echo the sentiments of other Black people: you don’t see people go around saying fuck the fire department.


Because now I times out of 10 in the firemen just do their jobs. And not a whole lot of Black people died because someone called the fire department!

With this hijacking of the Black Lives Matter movement to include blue lives (the only blue lives I know are Smurfs and avatars!), Can I help emphasize that being black is not a job, but the training that I need to stay Black and alive clearly requires it own of curriculum!

Police reform needs to be Paramount to any other discussion relating to law-enforcement, and the justice system. We know that policing is the link for that! The third with the 13th amendment abolishing slavery yet instituting it again with prison labor, A possible for the current permutation of policing to stand and have all protection for all people!

Tell us otherwise is to be lying! 

It’s on the heels of the hit that was taken out on Breonna Taylor, Go to the grade of the mayor,led by the police department in Louisville, dismissed by AG Daniel Cameron–police reform is not possible as long as white supremacy is at the base of it.

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