Voting Still Matters

Register to vote. Now.

Now it’s time to research your voting requirements (IDs, etc) for your particular state. Gerrymandering is still a threat, yet democracy is it steak! This is not a drill. -JBH

The “voting doesn’t matter” argument is a lie steeped in white supremacy.

I said what I said.

If voting didn’t matter, gerrymandering and the now start to steal stupidity power by QAnon would not be so loud! They would not be such a clamoring to stop non-white people from voting! Don’t you dare become one of these people whom will be caught up in that fascist ideology!

The one thing that I need you all to remember is voting costs! Because our ancestors literally everything! It literally keeps causing us everything! This is how we take back power, and tell our children how to fight.

This is how we hold the line for them, so that they too can take the progress that we’ve made, and build on it! And challenges we need the necessary!

91% of Black women fight off the first round of fascism. The midterm elections are in about three months. Voting still matters! If you want to be an Avenger? Now is your time! Go get your voter registration card.

Note: I too am of the belief that non-violent offenders need to have their voting rights reinstated. Non-violent felons should have the right to vote!

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