Alexandria The Great

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One thing that I love about this app is giving me a whole other Internet family. Uncles, ants, Brothers, sisters and cousins. And even little sisters.

One of those little sisters is Alexandria. The bold. The honest. The one willing to ask the questions that I wasn’t even brave enough to ask when I was her age. With my Boomer parents, and aunts and uncles, there was no way I could ask the kind of questions that she does without it being an issue or problem!

Alexandria an activist, a freedom fighter on this side of the Internet is because she is forcing us as a community to consider those who are coming.

She is forcing us to critically think, to question, to remind us that they are greater responsibilities to our children, our communities! As parents, she reminds us our responsibility to our children goes beyond just getting them fed, grown, and out your house.

From her application for black women and children, to her unflinching this to say what needs to be said, Alexandria is the Internet sister I never knew I needed. She forces me to be better.

I see you, Sis. I see you.

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