August 2022 Book Review: Body On The Line By Chanel Hardy

My friend wrote this.

First off, I will admit that I am biased.

Second, I am always going to support Black female authors.

What I believe is missing in this body positivity, self appreciation movement is the voice of Black women.

Our voices are missing from this conversation because this country describe solely to Eurocentric beauty standards! To have a Black woman be confident in all of her body outside of and in spite of The Eurocentric beauty standard? The world really ready for that.

This is why I’m a fan of Chanel’s book. In these poems in pieces, it reminds me as a black woman that I still need to own every part of myself. Is reminiscent of the Gabourey Sidibe said when people called her ugly. She had a look deep to find her own beauty.

Black women do that on a daily basis.

World doesn’t really appreciate just deeply Black women have to look into ourselves to find our own beauty! How are voices or stolen out of our throats and just like Jesse Williams said about the ‘gentrification of our genius and then throwing us away like the rinds of strange fruit.’

This book is chicken soup for the Black woman who can’t find her own mirror. I am grateful for this worth in refer to it often! There’s poems and I’m already trying to memorize in it! My favorite essay: Kitchen Table Talk: Amy Schumer Bitches.

Keep making them mad, Sis.


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