Saving Yourself While Saving The World

Self care is a revolutionary act.

I know the activism seem sexy right now. I know that saving the world like the Avengers, summoning your Spider-tribe from alternate universe is seems like the coolest thing to do! But the one thing I need you to understand.

Yes, freedom is a moving target! But you only have a one and only have one life to live.

The balancing act that you have to create is one that will allow you to rest! This balance will allow you to be poured back into. Even to smile and have fun! Even soldiers get leave!

Sometimes in times of crisis we don’t make time for the people who we are in community with especially the activism community.

Keep these 5 things in mind as you go and change the world:

1.) Remember rest is a weapon.

2.) Remember you don’t know everything, and seeking wisdom and doing research is still A good thing.

3.) You can’t show up everywhere, but show up where you are needed.

4.) Keep your focus! You are allowed to say “No.”

5.) Remember hydrate. I know that may sound trite but drink water and take your vitamins.

Is Anil to want to change the world! It is great that you found your desire, and passion to do so! We also have to remember that you only get 24 hours. Time is still a commodity.

And your first activism should be To your family. Change begins at home.

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