The Needed & Necessary: Hero Support

In times of great change, there are no insignificant people.

From the people that watch the kids while their parents are out changing the world, to the teachers whom teach accurate history, to the parents that teach their children about racism—there are no small parts in any movement.

Whether you’re a person who brings by dinner during brainstorming sessions, whether you’re the person to take the kids outside while other darker stuff is happening on television, to organizing safe houses at your at your local church or in your basement movements that are simultaneous in nature, and complex will always require help!

Never think that what you were doing is small. There are no small things in times where you are bent on changing the world, and in the world is changing around you!

There are no sidekicks!

There’s only hero support!

In the job of hero support is to do just that be a hero in another capacity. Even Spider-Man needed help from two other Spider-Men from two other universes!

There’s a work you can do. Something that you’re passionate about. Something in the world you want to change! Lynn your hands to it. Help change the world instead of watching it all burn.

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