On This Side, And The Other: The MMIW Movement

MMIW Day is May 5. I wrote Wear Red to commemorate this powerful day. -JBH

And I do not take over that space.

I’ll be disingenuous to not include the American Indian Movement in this month of August at commemorates activism. As I wrote in Wear Red those missing women could easily be me or my sister.

The one thing I believe it is important to note as a relates to the plate of Native American women, and the plate of African-American women is it literally it is almost exactly the same. And because it is so similar, I would be remiss in my duties as a writer, a woman in a Black woman writer to not remind you of this:

Native American women deserve advocacy, invisibility, and support as well! They deserve the same coverage that White women get all the time! And Black women deserve the same disability that White women take for granted all the time when we go missing as well!

Here, in this space, run by a Black woman, I want my Native American sisters to know I’m always going to wear red. I am still going to be a sister that is needed and necessary.

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