He Be Knowing: The Power of EddieBeTalking

Follow this ministry of Eddie on TikTok (@eddiebetalkin).

In the space I try my best to highlight Black men who work in mental health arena or are actively contributing to the mental health of the greater Black community.

I came across Eddie through my For You Page on Tik Tok. What drew me to Eddie was his commonsense approach to parenting Black boys. And holding Black men accountable, all while dropping jewels for us as Black moms to do better by our children—whether that be son or daughter!

I love that!

Every time I go by Eddie’s page, I learn something. I learn to listen to my kids more. I learn to observe them more. And I learned that in order to be a better mom, I had to heal a little Black girl in me too.

What I really appreciate about Eddie is him being straightforward with black fathers affirming them and reminding them that their son needs that gentleness, love, and compassion.

What is not seen enough is Black men in mental health, especially in a counseling capacity! I am a staunch believer that most Black men have trauma the world tells him just to get over: that should not be the fail safe for any person!

The best thing and he has done as of late going is studying of Kendrick Lamar on his latest album on a playlist where he breaks down bar by bar Kendrick’s experiences with his father, how life-changing they are, and how they parallel so many experiences for black men and boys (the playlist is FATHER TIME).

Listening To that break down on that Kendrick Lamar inspire playlist, I am almost brought to tears! Because Kendrick (in the most Kendrick way possible!) displays exactly the pain he was in, by speaking to his own inner little Kendrick, Kendrick as a man can come forward as he wants! From that, and he reminds the black men who are watching him with us and joy, and healing is available to them as well!

Eddie reminds me that there are more Black men out here doing the work to help heal other Black men than I could ever realize. And for that, I am most appreciative.

Keep being a torch Eddie, we see you.

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