Thunderstorms Sometimes Come When You Least Expect Them: The Power Of Bohemian Diva

Follow her on TikTok: @bohemiandiva. It will bless you. -JBHarris

If you ask her this particular sister friend, she will never admit to being an activist. She will admit to being country and perhaps, but always observant.

Yeah, this is one of things that makes engaging with her so incredibly amazing. She is able to look at the situation from multiple angles and still be brave enough to see what must be said.

I effs with her! TOUGH.

One of the things that will not be truly excepted about women who were in leadership capacities is they, too, make hard decisions. One of the reasons why I call my sister friend an activist it is because she is engaging with a culture that is the side of the anti-Black an anti-woman and not afraid to say that.

And it’s not just her military experience that makes her an activist. One of the reasons why I adore this woman like I do is because I am willing to have dialogue that stretches me as a person, that allows me to freely exchange ideas in a place that is safe.

Too often we as black women do not get the opportunity to have free shipping free exchange of ideas around other black women and without it devolving into Petty cat calling or fighting.

A Black woman made this. Click here for more info.

Again, if you ask my guess is she’s an activist? She’ll say no. But, she will say she’s a leader. And yet the thread I pull that is most activists.

They are Provocateurs.

They survey.

They question to move conversations forward.

Being able to get to gather Intel, resources, with the ability to discern which is needed at which time.

And with her running her own photography studio she’s empowering women to embrace all that they are because women are amazing! And the onslaught of our responsibilities and duties in own personal trauma robs of just how wonderful we are!

You see, activism is more than hashtags. The rout of activism is the word active, which means you do or are doing something. There is no neutrality in my good sister. There is only power. And power is always needed.

Keep going, Marie!

We see you.

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