STL Vs. Errbody: Keep Going, Cori!

Representative Cori Bush is amazing!

She is revered on this side of the Midwest, and rightfully so! Two years ago, she replaced the lackluster leadership of Representative Lacy Clay here in my part of the world–and I wrote her a poem. That she did read–I wonder if she still has it.

The one thing that has always drawn me to Cori (and everyone else to Cori!) is because she is always found doing something! She is found among people, advocating, serving, listening and strategizing.

Cori Bush is a personal shero!

The Washington world at large wants to lump her with all the other progressive legislators affectionally referred to as The Squad, but Cori is a STL kid, through and through–and let’s everyone know that!

Why she is so celebrated here is because she did something that most people didn’t believe she could do. That so many people saw her fail to do! Cori had run for office before (I believe twice before!) she won in spectacular fashion in 2020–in the midst of the first wave of COVID-19!

She is proof that heart and hustle is a superpower!

She is proof that the people who say they got you, will have you, and will pour into you to keep you going!

The activist I followed on Facebook, is now a Congresswoman. Somebody queue Nelly, because this is the perfect place to say, “Say it loud! I’m from the Lou & I’m proud!”

We got you, Cori! Keep going, Sis!

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