The Innocence Project Still Works!

One of my desires is to have the legal system work for everyone, and free people that never needed to be locked up. Please consider donating to this initiative by clicking here.

For anyone that knows me, knows of me, is aware of my feelings about this current permutation of law-enforcement and the legal system.

I have made no whisper about how incredibly jacked up it is!

Yet when it comes down to things like law and justice, I have hope. The reason why I have hope is The Innocence Project. While I know that current policing is based in Fugitive Slave Law practices, the only thing that can overturn, revamp the current policing is abolishing the current and put something else in place. This is conducive to the justice of ALL people–not just punishment of the poor, Black or Brown.

But when we were putting other things in place, we have to reckon with a justice system that is askew! What I love about The Innocence Project is it all donations go toward free people who never needed to have been locked up!

Especially with the tool of DNA and other forensic science, more people (especially more Black people!) are being exonerated and freed!

Their innocence now stands up to science!

There need to be more lawyers who have access to the system! For this cause, every chance I get, I promote The Innocence Project. While we know current situation law enforcement and the justice system in this nation is incredibly crippled! There is yet hope that you can still work!

And one reason we can still work is if we make it work.

And how we make it work is exonerating people who never need to be there in the first place.

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