Black Doctors Matter: Thank You, Dr. Joel Bervell

For anyone who knows me in real life knows that I have a passion for Black people in the healthcare professions.

I’ve made no secret that my mother is a nurse, and my father completed med school. It is through the assistant resistance of racism that he wasn’t able to practice medicine. Despite being brilliant and doing all prerequisites required.

So when I see Black doctors and nurses on social media, or in the world, I try to give extra love and support!

With the work of Dr. Joel Bervell, I do my best to lend voice and support to what he brings attention to: medical racism, disparities in healthcare, and how needed Black professionals in healthcare are needed!

It was even through the social media that I saw this:

What makes Dr. Bervell so amazing is he uses his education to advocate for Black people: our health, visibility, representation and accurate diagnoses!

With medicine being so radically white, representation even in textbooks is rare! The worth of Dr. Bervell is doing, and his visibility through his dedication to the service of the profession of medicine and his love for Black people makes him a Torch.

Keep going, Doc!

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