Put Us In The Room: Thank You, Dr. Martin

Please follow Dr. Martin on TT/IG (@raquelmartinphd)–it will bless you.

Black therapists matter.

Black female therapists are beyond necessary!

I spoke about Dr. Raquel Martin during 28 Days of Blackness this past February, and I meant every word and then some about all the amazing things she does. Let me hip you to her three-fold advocacy:

1.) Advocating for the adequate mental health access for Black people.

2.) Advocating for the visibility of Black clinicians in mental health areas to adequately support Black people.

3.) Confronting the hypocrisy (read: racism) found in the practices of non-Black clinicians as they do more harm than good in the lives of non-White people.

Dr. Martin, is that DEAL!

What made me #TeamDrMartin was a video she did about ‘selection stressors’ and the ‘black tax’. And I cried. I cried because I had been seen! Heard, even! In the work Home. Girl. Hood., Ebony Stewart put this phrase to it:

Black women be wanting to break down and cry, but they got shit to do.

From her own transparency, her own journey towards this thing called better–I could trust her. Through her content, I have made a devoted effort to love myself again, and listen to myself when I am tired, sad, or just plain ol’ aintgonbeabletodoit. Dr. Martin is one of the reasons I am able to admit when I am tired as a Black woman–and not resent my own body for a natural limitation.

Along with learning the hardest thing for any ambitious Black woman–saying, “No, I’m not okay. And it’s okay that I am.”

Thank you Dr. Martin for reminding me not to die exhausted.


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