Blu Is Still A Freedom Color: We See You, Blupoetres!

Follow the feats of this linguistic acrobat across social media (IG/YT/TT: @blupoetres).

On this side of the internet, I am staunchly pro-Black, pro-Black people, pro- ALL Black people, pro-education, and pro-educators! It would be fitting that on this the second day of this activism theme be an educator whom is all of these things!

Through the power of social media, and the algorithm of TikTok, I was greeted by the dynamic nature that is Blupoetres. From her humor, her warmth and her dedication to us all being better, I have immense respect for her. I treat her like I do Dr. Eddie Glaude, Jr. on his social media! Meaning, I respect them enough to (try) not to curse on their social media.

What has endeared her to me is the fire she has towards abolishing systems of oppression, fighting racism wherever it is, and holding those in power (especially) to account powered by the ringing thought of Dr. King, “All we say to America, is be true to what you said on paper!”

Indeed. As any writer will–and does!

As Feminista Jones said in her book Reclaiming Our Space, the ideal activist is Black and woman. I completely agree! With those attributes, powered by the desire to improve education from the inside? A Marvel hero ain’t got nothing on her!

Despite her having my dream job as an English teacher, completing her MFA, she is the teacher I wished I would have had in high school! It is her passion for her students, education and the betterment of both which reminds me to want to effect change in my corner of the world.

I, like Nikki Giovanni, will never fail to recommend the Black woman no matter what is going on! One of those Black women whom I will recommend for anything and everything is the Superhero who’s day job is an English teacher– can’t get better than that.

Thank you, Blupoetres.

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