In Memoriam: Mary Alice, Bill…& Nichelle

This evening it is reported that Nichelle Nichols, our own Lt. Uhura, passed away tonight at the age of 89.

Earlier today, NBA player, the great Bill Russell, passed.

Just last week, the actress Mary Alice (whom was a teacher in a former life!), passed away!

As the adage goes, death often comes in threes. Yet, sometimes it is hard to remember that as we age, other people around us are aging. For this cause, we must not take this life for granted! We have to be bold enough to live, not just exist.

One of the things which is so incredible about this Black experience is there is indeed a closeness that we as Black people have with one another: how needed and protective that is.

Torches, the year is almost over…and it has been most taxing, saddening, and enraging. Yet, what I will remind you all is these three things:

1.) Living, like joy, is a choice.

2.) Your gifts are God’s investment in you–use them.

3.) Maximize all time you have, and making the most of all opportunities given to you.

Live well, Torches. Live well.

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