Peace Of Mind…And Heart.

At the end of June, I turned 41.

And at the end of this month I am single again–because I held up a boundary. I held true to what I knew to be true to myself and what I need in my own life.

There is nothing wrong with people being removed from your life, or that violates your personal boundaries! Boundaries are needed! Boundaries are sexy! And my peace is my own priority.

What I want you all to remember as we go to August (which is going to be amazing! Trust me!), I want to remind you these three things as you go:

1.) No is a complete sentence.

2.) You have the right to keep your place in peace.

3.) Being honest with yourself is a superpower.

4.) Do what makes you happy–and be aware of what makes you happy.

5.) Expect people to be people.

6.) Know who is for you, and be there for them.

7.) A healthy amount of selfishness is helpful.

8.) Your happiness is independent of people.

9.) It is never too late to love yourself.

10.) Repeat.

See y’all in August!

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