Protect The End From The Beginning

As I go on in this life, the more I am convinced that goals are a different kind of boundaries–and you have to be willing to protect them–even from yourself!

If you have goals that you have expressed, watch the people who encourage you, help you or stymie you.

With COVID-19 making time an absolute joke (we have lost 2 years, Torches! TWO YEARS!), it is imperative that you watch who you tell these goals to, and be mindful of just how you need to get to them.

You have to guard them from two things: (1) nay-sayers and (2) complacency.

Nay-sayers will always have something to say, with the loudest ones actively doing nothing. And your complacency? That is the most insidious…because it’s you that is doing it!

Goals are the house that your ambition lives in.

This is the space where you imagine, dream, plan and achieve–that space can be as large or as small as you desire! But you have to protect it, defend it, and push out the people who gave up on theirs.

Dylan Thomas said we have to rage, rage against the dying of the light.

The longer I live, the truer this becomes.

Light, heat, and smoke, indeed.

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