July 2022 Book Review: Home. Girl. Hood. By Ebony Stewart

I believe Ebony is the second BUTTON POETRY author that I have featured on this platform. I am not apologizing for this. This is a EBONY STEWART STAN PLATFORM. -JBH

This image was taken from Ebony’s IG. (Follow her RIGHT NOW–@gullah_princess)

When I first heard Ebony Stewart, her words resonated with me. They rolled in my head as I remembered to breathe in order to remember the dope lines she created.

I wanted every book she would ever write.

When I read Home. Girl. Hood. I broke down in tears 3 times. I cried because I had been where she had written herself out of. As a poet whom is Black, woman and writer, I try my best to support their work, and make them visible. What makes Ebony amazing is her linguistic dexterity! Sis is an assassin with the alphabet–as a fellow alphabet assassin, I respect this!

In this work, Ebony confesses that a college professor told her that she really had no talent and he found it hard to understand her work (A White male professor–I was not shocked. Sigh.)–so there is an anxiety in her work (she confesses that in her opening). Yet, she is writing her way through it and I love that for her.

The collection of poetry goes from relationships, her dating life, protecting Black women and girls, and just how tiring it can be to keep putting the racism of this place in its face all the time! ALL THE TIME! There is a bravery to this work, an honesty to it, and I am here for it.

Next stop: BloodFresh (her second book)

My favorite pieces of this work:


Ode to My Pussy

Happy Father’s Day

Compassion Fatigue

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