The Masculinity Glow Up

If you know me in real life, you know that I’ve always had more male friends and female friends. This comes from me being such a tomboy when I was growing up!

In order to go play I had to learn how to run, jump, catch, and the like. So I have had male friends that I know without a doubt are never going to change. And that doesn’t that is not a silly a good thing! also seen men that I know have an incredible redemption arc.

The person I’m dating now is part of the incredible redemption art. And he has been incredibly transparent about how trash he was when he was in his 20s.

One thing that I want to focus on is when I left, masculine glow up! This is when men realize exactly who they are, and stop trying to be with me or not. They become knowledgeable of their selves, and what they want, and the things they want to do! And these men are healed enough to have relationships with not just women but other men around them pushing them to be better!

There was a young man on TikTok who I saw speak so so lovingly about his father that I almost cried. His father told him (would ask him frequently!) if there was anything else he could do to be a better father to him.

He said they were people at his father’s church they were stop his father and ask him questions, give his counsel, and his his son was an all of that! Well I know the night every man has it? That should be an option to them.

representation matters in culture, but also matters to the individual. Some men die without getting to their redemption arc, believing that how they were was the best they could possibly be. But it is men like my love, and his willingness to be open with his mistakes they give me hope for the young men coming after him.

Ladies, the fellas aren’t a lost cause! So some of them are just lost and need light. Anything they need to be more men willing to be a lantern or a candle.

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