The Necromancy Of Kevin Samuels

Note: This is a pro-Black people space, and I do not celebrate Black men dying. These are my thoughts, only my thoughts, and my demand for change in the lives of the men who swapped sense for clout. -JBH

Kevin Samuels is dead.

Kevin Samuels is dead…and people (read: some Black men) are getting his likeness tattooed. You read that right: TATTOOED.

I tried my best to stay away from this man and his controversial online presence. And even using the word presence is a stretch! I refer to him as a demon. Old magic says you don’t say the name of a hant (a ghost) otherwise it’ll come to you!

From what I have researched, what I know of him, and what I have become familiar with known from his content, he has nothing to be missed!

Even on The Ideal Firestarter Instagram page I made no mention of his passing—referencing the wisdom of DL Hughley.

Why is this?

I greeted the passing of this man with apathy and indifference. It is not my indifference I want to bring attention to, it is to shed light on is how many Black men believe that Black women should be morning over a man who made sport of us!

I will never tire of saying this!

Even in softly mentioning his passing last month, I really did not want to speak about it any further! Yet, I am being forced to truly weigh in about this only because of how detrimental his “advice” was to Black men on how to “handle” Black women.

He said women are low value after age 35.

He says that Black women’s only real rival is Latin women whom have been raised in patriarchal household; they know how to submit!

He criticized our weight. Our jobs. The children we have. Education. Skin color. Everything! In a class of Black man ate it all up.

And the nail in the coffin, what is the now viral show that he did when he told a Black woman not to believe her child in matters of abuse!

And a class of Black men flock to him! Calling him The Godfather after his passing! Yet, those same Black men want be mad at Dr. Jamal Bryant for his treatment of women!

With the passing of this man, I have seen with my own eyes if there is a class a Black man who truly either hates Black women, or will never come to the defense of a Black woman that he is not related to (and even coming to the defense of Black women that he’s related to may be a stretch!).

The fact that Black woman still have to fight for respect from Black men is a continuous problem! And the lingering effects of this demon in our community are reverberating! Even though it is proven that his own life was in tatters cultivating in dying with a stranger he just met!

And yet The Fatherless Few vouched for him.

They believed him. They worship him! And they give his name as a war cry or joyed communication from a Talking Boards.

And it is sad. A fraud most remarkable.

With all abilities that Black men have to create, nurture, protect—they follow a man who made his presence known first edifying Black women, but got famous off of breaking Black women!

But yeah, the same fatherless sons want us to mourn him! They want us to be mindful that he has a mother, and a daughter and we should mourn.

I will not more for man who made his legacy destruction.

But I have to ask Black men, ois this really the type of man you want to become? Have you really given up hope? Because if you have, truly all really is lost.

He made all this evil constant aimed at other peoples mothers and daughters, so in his death, why should he be canonized and removed from any scrutiny over the legacy he left?

I treat his death with these three: apathy, indifference, and accountability.

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