Dear Will

Dear Will–

First, I don’t wanna focus on the slap.

I know everything is hectic right now, but I just want you to know that I thank you. As a Black woman moving through the world, it is hard sometimes to remember that there are Black men who defend, and still love Black women.

I want to tell you thank you for defending your wife.

I want to tell you thank you for doing as best you can in a world that is decidedly anti-Black and needs their Black men safe in order to love them.

To value them.

To revere them.

Thank you for holding on to everything your mother taught you, and that Daddio gave you. I want to thank you for being exactly who you are! Thank you for being transparent with your failures, and allowing other Black men to speak into your life; while proving other white men wrong.

This book is amazing.

While one of the most prestigious achievements of your life may be somewhat tarnished, but it is not irrepairable!

Wilford C. Smith II, I want you to know that Black folks still love you; Black women still support you! What you think maybe the lowest point of your life does not get to dictate how you react at the highest point of it!

You’ve come this far, over five decades of living through things people can’t even imagine or could have even dreamt of – – and nobody can take that from you. The old folks say that “I don’t look like what I’ve been through”.

And neither do you.

And then the immortal words of Dr. Angelou, “Continue.”

Light, Heat, & Smoke—


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