Book Review-May 2022: Dunbar Out Loud (performed by Bobby Norfolk)

We as Black writers attribute so much to our predecessors. So much to storytellers whom we may never have anything more from them than their pages. Yet, when I came across this gem? I had to read. Rather, listen to it.

With my walking around knowledge of Paul Laurence Dunbar, I’m ashamed to say I only really had a surface level knowledge of him.I knew that he died young, I knew that his poetry was prolific, and when I fell down a rabbit hole about him? I found out that he and his wife were pioneering African-American thought as we know it now.

So to hear his poetry spoken out loud? to delve into more of his own personal history? He gave me a new respect for him. I mean, he’s one of Maya Angelou’s favorite poets!

With this hour long personal concert by Mr. Bobby Norfolk, I was a little girl all over again. Listening and in wrapped attention to someone reading poetry to me. is some of my favorites in this particular work are: Colored Soldiers, and Little Brown Baby.

I recommend this book because Paul Laurence Dunbar needs more recognition than what he ever gotten life! Also because Bobby Norfolk does an amazing job of bringing his words to life!

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