Love Or War & The Tears Of Our Mothers

If you are following whatjayesaid2.0 on TikTok, then you are familiar with what is now affectionately referred to as the Love Or War series.

And the series details just exactly how dynamic some of our mothers, and grandmothers were it matters of getting justice for themselves, dealing with cheating spouses, crazy situations with neighbors, and sadly (and more and most often) domestic violence.

It wasn’t too long ago the domestic violence was even considered a crime! Women could you have a bank account unless their husband said so!

In these stories share with me on this platform, I’ve done my best honor the family members of these stories. Now, granted some of the stories are hilarious! They are hilarious because [again] a class of Black man believes the ideal relationships were had by grandparents!

Sometimes the only protection Black women have is their wit! And our mothers saw our grandmothers fight to survive against men who thought otherwise!

Projection for black women still is coming with the hands of black women. And cast iron skillets! If you know…you know.

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