What It Means To Protect Black Women-Part 2: Credence

The English language defines the word credence as belief in or acceptance of something as true.

Simply put: if Black women say we do not feel protected, then who is say that’s a lie?

If Black women say they need to be protected, why is it not good enough?

If I feel unsafe as a Black woman–whether that be in the company of law-enforcement, and unbelieving doctor, or in loud club with a man that won’t leave me–alone why is it not sufficient?

If a Black woman tells you “No”, that means NO.

If a Black woman tells you she hurts, she hurts.

If a Black woman does not feel safe, she doesn’t feel safe.

Protection is powerful because of the belief of the person who says they need protection–which in turn should activate the systems needed to access in order to secure their protection.

Black women don’t need a translator! We need to be believed.

When will that happen?

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