Believing Black Women!

The current rate of femicide amongst Black women is astronomical.

And as a Black woman, who has survived abusive situations (including an abusive marriages) it is only by the grace of God that I have reached 40 years of age.

The one thing that seems to be air apparent as it relates to abuse of Black women–and the murdering of Black women!–is no one seems to believe when bad things happen to us!

From medical neglect, societal neglect, it seems to fuel this exponential need for the world to continue to believe that we deserve no good thing–and the anything that is bad we deserve.

As we continue to sound the alarm of what it means to protect and believe black women it was saying that no one wants to believe Black women until we have to believe Black women.

Black women…we believe you.

You deserve, we deserve, to be seen, heard, protected, assisted and believed.

You deserve safety. We deserve safety.

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