For This Cause…We Cannot Be Silent

The world likes to think it has Black women figured out.

Classifying us it’s all unhappy, better, or married to our traumas. In capable of doing anything else other than being unhappy. From my personal experience, most black women that I know and I have met some of the most incredible people on the planet.

I don’t like to use the word resilient because I think that is easy way of dismissing exactly how incredible black women are.

Black women are Black women because we Black woman.

Much like the poetry of Warsan Shire, you have to know to know what that means.

We are not just resilient.

Black women have had to tap into a power source that is ancient. And at this point, I think that is the only valid way to describe it. It is a power source. Deeper than any battery the world can really copy or steel.

And for the cars, we have to protect our self. For the cars we demand protection from those in the world who wish to steal us from it!

We demand the same protection that any non-White woman gets and takes for granted! Aren’t all women, shouldn’t all women, be granted safety!

Why should we have to fight for something as BASIC as safety?

How is safety our fault and responsibility?

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