Me And Femicide

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Every 5 hours a Black woman is murdered in this country. Let the sink in.

Protect Black Women. Protect all Black women.

Let me reintroduce myself: I’m Jennifer and I am a fucking miracle.

I’ve almost died several times.

At 4 months: Pneumonia. 5 years: almost drowning. 10 years: shooting. 21 years: Dominic; carpeted apartment with his hands around my neck. My crime: loving him.

What they don’t tell you is that when the man you love tries to kill you, it is sudden, scary, and everything in you is screaming. That was 19 years ago, and I can’t help but think, what would be wrong with him for trying to hurt the woman he claimed to love? Threaten her life and actually doing it.

I was 21. I was in love. I thought me loving him hard enough would change him. It would take me another year to leave him. Why? I loved him. When I asked him why he put me through what he did, he said, “To see if you would stay.”

A man that said he loved me, abused me, almost killed me…to see what would happen. As I write that, I am unnerved by how naïve I was! I am amazed at how honest he was–but yet! He was stunned when I finally left him.

I am only one woman. I am only one story. I am a survivor. And he is still free and someone’s father. I wonder what he is teaching his son. You know, because he’s someone’s father.

Remember–every 5 hours. Every. Five. Hours.


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