When We Say Black Women We Mean ALL Black Women

What I need people to understand is this a Black woman founded and run space. There is a power in me that will never be satisfied or quiet when Black women–cis, queer, trans–are threatened or in any way diminished.

I said what I said, “PROTECT ALL BLACK WOMEN.”

I am still mystified as to why this is hard!

I do not understand why this even has to be said!

What this aftermath of “The Slap” has shown is two-fold:

One: The world does not see Black women as worthy of being defended. Defending is reserved for women whom are helpless, delicate, and fragile. None of these adjectives are used to describe Black women. Even Bill Maher–a white male liberal– said that the joke was ‘no big deal’ and she should just put on a wig. This with the Crown Act just now made a law. The way my hair grows of out of my head needed a law so no one could fire me.

Two: No one should defend Black women. No matter what. We can argue all day long that Will should not have done that in public. Okay. Fine. Yes! Yet, that was his wife this man insulted–and had kept insulting for over a decade.

HIS WIFE. Because Will’s wife is Black, that nullifies someone–namely her husband, from defending her? This leads us back into respectability politics and being the ‘right’ kind of Black woman. The ‘right’ kind of Black women get defended, and those ‘other’ Black women have to fend for themselves!

Which still leads me to ask, what makes a Black woman the ‘right’ find of Black woman? I ask, because the definition keeps changing, and when we tell the world this, then we still aren’t ‘right.’

This is exhausting. If this a game, I wanna quit! Where is the ball, because I want to go home.

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