Protect Black Women: Black Women Are Human

There is a (truly) Black-owned fashion brand called CISE that have apparel which have such catch phrases like PROTECT BLACK PEOPLE and PROTECT BLACK WOMEN. As dope as this is (and I am ordering one!), I need to piggy back on this and remind you all, dear Torches, that Black women deserve protection and respect.

What I keep seeing in the aftermath of Will Smith and Chris Rock is there are way too many Black men whom think Will was wrong for defending his wife. Now, we can debate all day long that it wasn’t the time and place to check him. That’s fine! Let’s debate that! But what you all are not about to do is say that Black women don’t deserve respect or protection. We not about to go in with this lie, Craig! We finna stop this here!

Black women are the first group of women called to fix, resolve or undo, and the first one that people wipe their feet on! Protecting Black women is essential because we go through it! Microaggressions, sexism, racism, misogynoir, erasure, assaults…all in one body! At any given time on any given day, I can leave my house and be murdered, raped, kidnapped or all 3. And who would look for me?

Would the world stop for me or women like me like it does for missing White women?

Let me help you. No, no it doesn’t.

Protect Black women. That is the post! Want to know why:

We deserve it. We are human. Stop playing with us and playing in our faces!

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