This Is Our Joy: Final Thoughts

This month was introspective.

This month was demanding! This month allows me to look at what it is I want, and the things I need to change. It is the reminder of joy is legitimate, needed and necessary.

The month reminded me of these things (the last 10 things I will share with all of you):

1.) Self-care is essential: it is not just reserved for people with money.

2.) Sleep is still essential.

3.) Everyday is a gift (say it’s corny if you want to, but it’s true!).

4.) “No” is a complete sentence.

5.) The body that I have is a gift.

6.) Love is a precious resource.

7.) Being grateful is a practice.

8.) Confidence is a muscle–use it often.

9.) The things that make me happy, make me happy. I don’t need a co-signer.

10.) Forgiving myself is a revolutionary act.

From this month, take what you need to get strong, and keep going. Remember, I believe in you. I am proud of you. And all good things from to those who know how to be grateful while they wait.

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