“Blackness is not a monolith.”

This is what so many of us have heard, repeated or had to even remember for ourselves. For the course of this dynamic Black History Month, you all have had a peek inside my own mind, heart and observations. If I could wrap this month up in one phrase, it would be this:

I want us as a people to win.


No more, no less. I want us to win. No matter the sphere, challenge or hear say or heresy! One of the things that will allow us to win as a people is to start listening to each other rather than limiting one another.

We have to be ready to have the hard conversations about where the community needs to go, the things which will move us all as Black people forward, rather than looking around to see whom we can make less than, dehumanize or erase for the sake of seeming to be superior!

Where we go from here? UP.

Where we are as a community is not a plateaued achievement! It is somewhere to keep building on, build up from and leave better for the generation watching.

For all the community has accomplished, we have that much further to go. And to get there? We must go together.

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