James Baldwin said that we [as Black people] are in a unique position because we know that we are in trouble. I agree. Black people as a whole–we are in trouble. And for all that knowledge, we know what would get us out of trouble. And none of those things are quick, none of those things are easy, and none of those things will be completely done in my lifetime. And that is…sad.

Yet, I am hopeful. Again, realizing that I cannot do everything, incapable of solving all ills that Black people suffer from. However, the things that I can do, I am actively doing. Not all those things are for clout, and should neither be for clouts or clicks. My passion is education and resources for Black people. Starting initiatives.

Getting classes together for those that need job training.

Donating time for projects.

Making opportunities.

Promoting literacy.

Putting Black folk on with the Arts/Media things that I do.

Helping Black kids go to college.

More to come for 2022…Trust me.

That is my contribution–which I do believing that when I believe in someone else, that allows me to give back to a community which has given so much to me. Granted me so much love and support. What keeps me going, believing for the better is this simple principle:

“Since someone believed in me, I can believe in someone else.” To help change the world, you need to help inspire change as well. That’s being a Torch, too.

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