28 DAYS OF BLACKNESS: What They Say?!: Memoirs Of Famous Black People

I am a fan of my Audible app. I truly am! Being able to carry all of my books with me. I am an unrepentant bibliophile. Fight your exes, not me. I said what I said.

With this app, I actually stumbled onto the hidden treasure of memoir writing. I mean, I wrote my own memoir about 5 years ago! But memoirs were not my top tier of genres that I saw seeking out to read. Yet, through Audible I have done that! Here are some memoirs that I recommend you read–and should read right now (these are all book reviewed on this site):

Taraji P. Henson

Will Smith

Saeed Jones

Jenifer Lewis

Michelle Obama

One of the reasons why I think memoirs of Black people are exceptional actually goes beyond the trite idea of our stories not being written down. That is certainly a cause, yes. But memoirs in a digital age are more precious because (for the most part), the author is reading the same story they wrote! The story hits different when (1) its the author that reads it, (2) because it is their story, and (3) the author looks like you.

When their struggles may be yours, or when your identify with them, that galvanizes your own strength to either regroup, learn or do better. Through their lives, I can see my own. The reality of Black culture, when it is written down to be referenced? And you can see you in the life of someone else whom is Black–that is beautiful! Completely beautiful.

I have now downloaded Cicely Tyson’s memoir (Just As I Am)…and she reads part of it. When I saw that, I cried. And as I go through, and am engrossed with the life of this Black woman whose life spanned almost a century?! Whew!

Black Lives Matter.

Black Stories Matter.

Black Memoirs Matter.

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