28 DAYS OF BLACKNESS: The Banning Of Black People

Note: TikTok is still racist as Gov. Greg Abbott. I said what I said.

This is not the first time ya girl is being threatened to be banned from this app.

As of this posting, I am on my third page on the app known as TikTok. My first page (RIP whatjayesaid) was permanently banned after multiple Community Guidelines Violations. This second page where this screenshot was snatched from (@whatjayesaid2.0 formerly @shesgottapen), is now at 102k followers with this same threat. I was supposed to be off this last ban as of 9:57pm CST.

It hasn’t lifted yet. It’s 10:40pm CST.

I’m not surprised.

Creators on TikTok that speak out about racism, anti-blackness, report racist White people, and refuse to be a good Negro or a pick me–you are a problem. I, the Founder of The Ideal Firestarter, am a problem. Yet, Black creators on this app have had to get backup pages, backup to the back up page, and always be in state creating content in order to be visible.

Black people fight erasure every single day! As a writer, I refuse to be hushed by someone! Let alone be hushed by someone or multiple people that think me being visible, loud and Black speaking to and about things that affect my life as a Black person.

And the app wants to silence that…but won’t do anything about the White people that give death threats in comments, doxx Black creators, and White people who are constantly called N—-. With no Community Guidelines Violations.

I wrote about this on my other platform when this happened to me last year. The name I gave to this is Social Media Lynching.

I define this as: practice of apps like TikTok and Facebook (someone flagged me for sharing false information–and I wasn’t.) targeting creators (especially Black creators)–forcing them into silence or eradicating their presence all together.

Guess what this is?

As I go forward as head of this space, as a Black writer, as a Black woman in the age of QANON? This is not going to stop me. Neither should it stop you–keep going. They aren’t going to take my pen or my voice.

Not now. Not ever.

Wherever I am, I am still a Torch.

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