28 DAYS OF BLACKNESS: When The SCOTUS Looks Like Us-Justice Ketanji Brown-Jackson

Note: PSST! Hey Joe, you know you can add 2 more seats, and add 2 more Justices! JUST SAYING!

I won’t lie to y’all, Torches–I didn’t think that I would live to see this. And it still doesn’t seem real. As TRASH as Clarence Thomas is (which is a disgrace to the fact he was appointed to the seat of Justice Thurgood Marshall), I didn’t think I would see this.

I am choked up, y’all. I am choked up.

I am sending her all my most potent Black Girl Magic to ensure she be able to withstand all that these decrepit White men when they try her, or try to stymie her.

I am joining with all ancestral energy to shield her during this process.

I am already in tears, and taking off work when her appointment is complete.

I am already waiting in faith for her to be the first Black female Justice, but not the last.

She has made it this far, and we need her to go the rest of the way.

(Hold please, I am not okay. The little girl in me is weeping in disbelief…and is still scared.)

[image screenshot from The Shade Room Instagram timeline]

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