28 Days Of Blackness: The Value Of Black Spaces

There are no cookout invitations, dinner invites, plates given, until further notice.

Signed, Black People Trying To Rest

Black people need other Black people! It doesn’t matter where it is, where we all are, we need each other. We have all made it this far, with so much farther to go, because of each other.

As I navigate this madness known as corporate America, I find myself valuing my space as a Black woman at work, and outside of work. This space where I don’t have to code-switch, can have my hair wrapped up, be ‘loud’…and when I can just…be. Without apology, without explanation, and all of my AAVE present!

As I am now going through mid-life, and doing other things that demand my life remain heterogenous, I value spaces where Black folk are! I mean, even at work, I made a group chat for the new Black women that work with me–to just…breathe and be.

All Black people need this. We truly do.

What makes Blackness so incredible is that there is a thread that goes along with and through out culture–and it all wraps around this idea of space and community! Whether it is barbeques, group chats, FaceTime chats with your family (either of blood of her own making)–Black folk seek safety. And more than not, we seek safety with other Black people!

We have a right to protect this space, enjoy this space, and be BLACK in this space. The world outside hates us, and wants to be us–then why can’t be have a space, that is ours, where we can ignore that same damn world? I’ll wait…

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