28 DAYS OF BLACKNESS: The New ‘Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’

You know what? I’m here for this…

I am old enough to remember when Will Smith was a rapper, and this tall, cute, Black dude that as oh so talented. I am old enough to remember when the original Fresh Prince of Bel-Air aired on NBC. Lookahere! In St. Louis, as I remember it, my 1990’s weeknight television looked like this :

Monday: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Tuesday: Blossom (YAS!) Thursday: Cosby Show, A Different World

Oh yes, it was a thing. But, I remember watching Will Smith, being in pre-teen love with him, and watching him grow up in this–SUPERSTAR! Oh, yes. I am here for it. Still am.

So, when I heard about this reboot of one of my favorite shows? I was skeptical. I was! I am of the mindset that we as a culture (and Black writers whom record this culture) need to create new content. But, if EL James can make so many odd million dollars off Twilight fanfict? There is no ceiling.

The thing that is awesome is that from a trailer someone put together as a flip (i.e. a new interpretation) of Fresh Prince, this darker and gritter version–was made into a TV show. And Will Smith is a co-producer!


This is why I am stan of Black people and making space for us in the Arts! Because someone made a trailer, HOW MANY PEOPLE GOT EMPLOYED? HOW MANY BLACK ACTORS GOT PUT ON?! HOW MANY BLACK WRITERS HAVE A JOB!

Let this be a reminder for every Black writer, filmmaker, producer–make your art! You never know who is watching. I am here for this re-imagining! I am here for it!

This new Will is about to be something to see. And this new Carlton–oh, I don’t think he finna dance. But he look like he know what’s up.

Don’t mess this up Peacock like y’all did the new Punky Brewster. Please don’t…pretty please.

[image from Seventeen.com]

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