28 DAYS OF BLACKNESS: More Of ‘The Harder They Fall’

Y’all didn’t think that I was let this month end without weighing in on this! I KNOW that y’all didn’t think that anything with Jonathan Majors in it I was going to just NOT review or weigh in on! NO!

I watched this video with my guy during Thanksgiving (and GUNS GO BANG?! OH, IT SLAPS! No DEBATE–NONE!), and I enjoyed it. One of the heroes of this film is the Black young man–the stuntman, no less!–who jumped on that horse and rode it! I still cannot get over that! Perhaps one of the reasons why I can’t get over this is because–I don’t see it enough.

This Western here? I enjoyed it–not just as a history nerd, but as a writer, and Black woman who is conscious of her history. Too often (and I say this all too often) Black writers are relegated to writing about trauma or triumph–there is no room for anything to be more complicated than that!

From the opening scene of young Nat Love (Jonathan Majors) being attacked, and the getting revenge on one of the men that killed his father (“Cause I’m worth ten.”–You gotta see him deliver that line in order to believe it); Cuffee being Cathay Williams (she was a Buffalo Soldier); Cherokee Bill actually speaking Cherokee; Delroy Lindo looking like a reflection of Bass Reeves! Plus! I don’t have space enough to explain just how BADASS Regina King was being Treacherous Trudy? This movie was everything that I needed a Western to be! Black people doing Black things, and not a major role for a White person in sight! It was everything.

This movie was amazing because it is further proof of the writing quote by Christopher Priest: “A real writer, can write anything.” With these Black historical figures, penned by a Black person, whom were complex and beautiful–it gives me hope that the age of award-winning trauma porn is over.

Also: keep putting Jonathan Majors in everything.

[image from What To Watch]

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