There are not enough Black commentators in politics! There just aren’t! Donna Brazille can’t do everything, Stacey Abrams is saving the world in Georgia, and Queen Michelle is just being Michelle right now–she deserves to be. Enter our political best friend, Que.

Enter my new favorite internet pundit (Thank you TikTok!), Quentin R. Jiles. Just get into his name! That is someone who need a spot on someone’s television show, or headlining his own.

Peep this from his YouTube Channel:

Hola people,

I’m Quentin R. Jiles but my friends and family call me Que. Feel free to call me Que too. I am your “Political Best Friend” here to help you understand politics in an exciting and easy way. Here at THE QUEUE WITH QUE you will always be entertained and educated… okkuur. The show name came from not really knowing what to expect in our world of politics. It is an organization that changes minute to minute. So it dawned on me that as stories pop up in THE QUEUE then QUE will explain it to you! Lol. I believe that everyone should be educated on what is happening in politics. After all, it is our tax dollars that pay the politicians who make laws we must obey. So hit the subscribe button, turn on post notifications and never miss an update! I encourage you to share your thoughts by commenting, whether you agree or disagree, and share these videos so others can be just as informed as you. I’m here to educate you on the messy world of politics #TheQueueWithQue

I noticed this young man during the chaos of the 2020 Presidential Election. I liked that he was knowledgeable, personable, and accurate! I mean! We are all scared that Orange Thanos would not be caught in the snap! We had to push him back! Whew, it’s a miracle we all survived!

The Queue With Que is this place that causes me to think, to reason, and participate in greater conversations to do greater work.

There need to be more Black people in politics to be more Black people in politics. And we start that entry, by having more of these conversations. A politically active and astute people, are less likely to be scared or fooled.

Keep up the good work, Que!

[image from The Queue With Que YouTube Channel]

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