28 DAYS OF BLACKNESS: Protecting Black Women: It Starts With Black Women

“…damn shame, being a Black woman…”

This now iconic soliloquy from Mama Pope is a reminder of the duality of Black women–the daily duality of Black women. In a world we walk desires to erase, mimic, or kill us. The thing is, we fight because we cannot afford to die. Yet, we are dying, aren’t we?

Whether that be at the hands of the police, our husbands or partners, mental health, or the neglect of our selves of medical staff–BLACK WOMEN ARE DYING.

As a Black woman, whom 40, with 2 children, I am hyper aware of my mortality–and the things which desire to take my life! At the same time, I have vowed to stay here–as long as I can, and that God will allow.

Yet, Black woman are expected to hold up the world, only to be mocked when it crushes us. We are taught to be strong, unmovable, don’t cry, and ‘get over it’–but when the monsters and their memories bite, we are told that we aren’t ‘strong enough.’

Our bodies are copies, and we are called ugly.

We are told to shrink when we take up to much space.

Our passion and anger–ATTITUDE. It’s a crying shame!

Yet, there are things that give me hope about this, though.

Black women are the most educated group in the country. This means more opportunities to make the lives we want and be paid for them.

Black women learning that other Black women are not their competition, and learning to support one another. We are learning that in order to win, we don’t have to make sure another Black women has to lose.

We are taking our mental health seriously. We are getting ourselves together, and not defining ourselves with trauma or through lies. We understand that come things take prayer and therapy!

We are valuing ourselves. We are learning to protect our spaces, our voices, and love US. Which is its own superpower.

Protecting Black women–starts with US Black women. The Heal Up comes before the Glow Up! Ask me how I know…

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