My dream school was Spelman College. I wanted to go there since I was 11. Now, yes, I am aware that Morehouse was across the street, but that is not the point.

I wanted to Spelman because it was far from St. Louis, and I actually wanted to go to an HBCU. The dream of going to NYU came later.

In the age of all things reaffirming, young, gifted and Black, I must remind you all that HBCU’s still matter.

HBCU’s still matter, and HOWARD UNIVERSITY is not the end all be all of HBCU’s.

This is your reminding that our culture, our legacy, and WE still matter–and have always mattered. This is also your reminder that anti-intellectualism is at an all time high! Stop shaming Black people for liking school, wanting to learn, and for wanting to see the world beyond there 6 block radius.

Let this also be a reminder that PWI’s are not the end all be all either. Make no mistake, higher education is a racket and an investment. In being honest, we cannot allow the dream of our ancestors to fade away because being a PWI is more ‘favorably’ looked upon.

Let us not fall for that trap! As a writer, one of the things left on my bucket list to complete is my MFA. Per my mentorship, with this being a terminal degree, the school I complete this work at matters! With the body of work that I have, I am thinking of finishing this at an HBCU–and no, not Spelman!

At the stage, at this level of my writing career, I want to have the work I create valued in an environment where I, too, am valued.

That only seems like right.

[image transfer.santarosa.edu]

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