28 DAYS OF BLACKNESS: The Power of Odi Draco

Follow: @mynamesuperlong on TikTok. He’s a blessing.

When Black men are vulnerable, it is King level attractive!

Speaking as one whom loved her father, misses him daily, is able to love Black men and hold them accountable, the vulnerability that I witness through the life of this young man gives me hope for the generation of young men under him. But let me back up, just a little.

Click here to find out why is a favorite.

From reading racists, confronting the foolishness of Black men whom worship whiteness to the point they too want to be oppressors, and affirming Black women?

KING SHIT. There is no other name for that; no other designation for it.

The reason why he is a gift to this body known as Blackness is his willingness to say what needs to be said! In that willingness, he holds himself accountable, along with those around him in his circle. I applaud him because I so want this to become common among Black men, to abandon toxic masculinity in order to teach there Princes how to be Kings.

He gives me hope. I mean, he ain’t even 30 yet. I think he got enough in him to change the world!

If the world can listen to Kanye, they can listen to Odi.

Author Note: Black mental health matters! If you desire to seek this services through Black clinicians (this young man being one of them), follow him on YouTube (Odi’s Office) and click here for complete services.

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