28 DAYS OF BLACKNESS: The Gift Of Dr. Raquel Martin

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Mental health is a loaded question and topic on, for, and amongst Black people.

Depending on the generation that you talk to, they will tell you just how Black people either ‘don’t need therapy’ or are in therapy due to people who believed they didn’t need therapy! I, for one, am in therapy, because how my life was going, I didn’t have enough Black girl magic to fix it.

There was no enough of me–for me!–to help…me.

You all already know I hype up my personal therapist Karen Banks, and am grateful for her. I am now in position to unpack my head and heal up. Which brings me to the gift that is Dr. Raquel Martin.

As one that is admittedly Type A, a in-process of recovering hyperindependent Black woman, I reasonate with Dr. Martin! When Dr. Martin actually broke down exactly why I felt like I did at this new job I am in, a predominantly non-Black space, she explained the nature of selection stressors, the black tax, and just why that feeling of “doing twice the work to get half the credit” infiltrates all parts of like for Black people? And why we just can’t be ‘chill’ or bring all of ourselves to work?

I cried. I cried!

I cried because I had been seen, and heard! I had been seen in such a way that I felt vindicated, and resolute in trying to heal up. To admitting when I was struggling, when I wasn’t okay, and it was okay when I can’t be fucking Supergirl EVERYDAY!

Dr. Raquel Martin is a gift because she is honest. He clinical observations are sharp, and she is an advocate for us as a people, as a community, and as individuals to be…better. Not just, ‘okay’! We are going to have to heal, moving from that starving-survival place, in order to start thriving.

I am ready to do that now. Healing is not easy, but I am committed to doing it now.

Black women and girls need help, too. And who other than a Black woman, to help?

Author Note: Black mental health matters! If you are curious about Dr. Martin, click here for her Linktree to find more resources.

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