28 DAYS OF BLACKNESS—You Always Need An ‘AK’ To Spell Black

AK Brown – The Fashion Connector is a St. Louis based fashion innovator, who uses her platform to educate her audience through services, insight, and connections. As a 9-year industry professional, AK has grown her following around her expertise in blogging, styling, product development, public relations, business & brand development, & more.

Introducing my little sister, AK Brown…

Let me tell you about this Blonde Bombshell, here!

I have been in AK’s orbit for the last 5 years on social media. I am thankful for the blogging circles I travel in that allowed me to meet her. The thing that captured my attention about her? Style.

She always had a fly outfit, bag was always cute, and her presence was always one that was warm, inviting, and simmering with Black Girl Magic! I followed her on social media, celebrated her wins, and was ready to fight with her over an unfair job change (Whew, chile!). But the beautiful thing? Our of her job change, she embraced her eye for fashion, her style and her grit and FLEXED.

I mean, completely went awf!

She now has a YouTube channel, style packages, consultations and a social media presence which I have not seen parallel to anyone.

I have not seen another Black woman, in fashion, right now, creating her own lane, collaborating in that lane to build and build with other people!

Follow Black In Fashion STL On Facebook. Go Now. This is what legacy looks like.

With the passing of Andre Leon (1949-2022), I cannot help but think just how beautiful what she is doing is, and how she is moving in it! Black people are the most creative, stylish and influential people on the planet! Why wouldn’t it be Black women whom are leading the charge with this, and changing the face of fashion?

Like I said, you can’t spell Black without AK. Get ’em sis, and keep the stileto on they neck!

[photos from AK’s social media]

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