28 DAYS OF BLACKNESS: Jordan Can’t Make All The Movies!


At my core, I think, I am a die hard horror nerd.

I advocate for horror writers more than any other genre of writer. I am an advocate of those whom walk the row of Black and writer who happen to be a horror writer! I mean, one of the dopest people in my writer world is a horror writer (shouts to the beautiful Tonia Ransom! Follow her podcast and support her Patreon–RIGHT NOW!)! I mean the man that I am in a serious relationship with? Horror fan! I mean to the point he likes when he has nightmares. But that’s another conversation.

With those whom make the things which keep your lights on at night, it feels right that I stan everything Jordan Peele does or will do! With that said, I have to stay this: Jordan cannot make all the movies. He cannot write all the scripts, and he cannot be pegged as only being able to do horror movies.

I want to take this time to remind you, dear Torch, to not let genre box you in as a writer. In the immortal worlds of Tananarive Due, “Black history is Black horror.” If you as a writer want to write the scary stuff, write the scary stuff!

As hype as I am to see NOPE (watching a Jordan Peele movie is always an event!), I can’t wait to see what else the community produces. He ain’t it…and it won’t be the only.

[image from irishfilmcritic.com]

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