28 DAYS OF BLACKNESS: Love Letter To Black Men Who Love Us Out Loud

For this one, I also want to shamelessly say ‘Thank You’ to my own Sgt. James Barnes. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love. And here is to many more. -JBH

I can say two things at this level of my life.

The greatest love I have had was from a Black man, and my greatest heartbreak has come from one. From that place, from Level 40, I want to say this to the Black men in my life (IRL and my digital one): Thank you.

Thank you for protecting Black women in stores, walking home from work, or making sure no one talks crazy to them in line at a retail store.

Thank you for protecting Black women in hospitals, on buses, trains and planes.

Thank you for holding hands, purses, doors, and children as we go down stairs.

Thank you for checking your problematic friends and choosing to protect your wives, sisters, and daughters from them.

Thank you for checking the Hoteps, Dusties, Ashies, Abusers and Gaslighters in our comment sections!

Thank you for not taking the Red Pill.

Thank you for answering the tearful calls, calming the outrage from the dudes you told us to avoid, and for wrapping your arms around us when we have fought the world all week!

Thank you for not wiping your feet on Black women in order to be seen as superior to Black women.

Thank you for making the Black women in your world feel safe–thank you for offering safety.

Thank you for listening to us, advocating for us, and making sure we drink water and sleep at night.

Thank you for loving us enough to know we are not infallible, and letting us cry on you, and you being present to wipe our tears.

Thank you for putting gas in our cars, getting oil changed, de-icing windshields, and doing hair.

Thank you for making dinners, running to make dinners and giving us an extra hour to sleep.

Thank you for loving us when we think we are unlovable because our hair isn’t done, faces unbeat, and we are just going through the motions and don’t want to talk to you yet.

Thank you for doing all these things that we overlook, look over, and forget to thank you for.

Thank you for loving our Blackness, our womanhood, and loving both of those things together.

I know this list isn’t complete, but it is start. Know we love and appreciate you.

We love you.

We thank you.

And we are grateful. Believe me.



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