FEBRUARY 2022 BOOK REVIEW: Nothing’s Personal by James Baldwin

Nothing Personal by James Baldwin: 9780807006429 | PenguinRandomHouse.com:  Books

It is fitting that for this Black History Month 2022 this book Nothings Personal by the prophetic mind of Blackness known as James Arthur Baldwin. In reading this book, I was brought to tears, I was comforted and I was reminded that for all of I have encountered for and during my 40 summers is not uncommon.

What the book give is a peek into what it is to be both in the world, of the world, and not be seen in the world. One of the things that stuck out to was this passasge:

“Our failure to trust one another deeply enough to be able to talk to one another has become so great that people with these questions in their hearts do not speak them; our opulence is so pervasive that people who are afraid to lose whatever they think they have persuade themselves of the truth of a lie, and help disseminate it; and God help the innocent here, that man or woman who simply wants to love, and be loved.”

James Baldwin, Nothing’s Personal

This was in 1964. 1964. It is now 58 years later and this could not be more accurate than if I wrote it 45 minutes ago. This book was a comfort to me, and a reminder that Blackness is still amazing, and will worthy to examined, supported and uncapable of being erased.

Get this book. Now.

Happy Black History Month!

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