28 DAYS OF BLACKNESS: Wakanda, Chad & Leticia

We still remember Chad. #OurKing

We all know that 2020 was completely trash, and losing Chadwick Boseman in the middle of that raging dumpster fire was too much! With that, and to that, we have this little matter of a Black Panther sequel. When is it going to theaters? Some time before the Lord’s return, I suppose.

But here is the thing: there are so many conversations about how T’Challa should not be recast, how Shuri needs to gone head and be the new Black Panther (in the comics she already is!), and how Leticia Wright is being a whole issue during the filming of the sequel.

Side note: Leticia, don’t mess up this MARVEL bag trying to be like Aaron Rodgers! It ain’t gon work, Sis!

Whether or not T’Challa should be recast is a separate issue. The greater issue is the continuing of this representation onscreen. Can T’Challa be recast (Marashalla Ali would be amazing and so would Kofi Siriboe!)? He sure can–there have been like 5 Batman’s, so why can’t there be just as many T’Challa’s? Conversely, will Disney/Marvel ever do right by a powerful female character like Shuri? That remains to be seen.

But they can do both! The thing is, can there be a sequel–and if so, when?

As this current permutation of Blackness tries to deal with such a loss, we still have to be aware that all the talent of Blackness didn’t die with Chad! And we whom are alive and remain cannot pretend it has.

Hurry up, Kevin Fiege!

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