28 DAYS OF BLACKNESS: The Internet’s Unseen Hero, CF Story

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I think in order to be a good writer, you have to a be a student of history! You have to be familiar with source material in order to the needed work of fiction or non-fiction. This is why I am a fan of my TikTok history teaching cousin, CF Story.

Her page is focused on social justice, the protection of Black people, and the accurate teaching of American History! With the success of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton, everyone is so hype about colonial history, and the romanticizing of that time period.

Forgetting that in this time frame the same forefathers owned people–while demanding freedom from their own oppressors. But that is another matter.

One of the reasons why I enjoy her page, am strengthened by her passion is it matches my own! History is only storytelling at its most essential core. CF Story, as Black woman, educated and well-read (the videos with her library are the best ones!) has committed to be one person to not be swept up in this steady drumbeat that history is ‘boring’. History is never boring! The history of this nation is anything but boring! But to see a Black woman address point by point the fallacy of whitewashed American History and why that is a violence to Black and White children; dedication to historical literacy (“Primary and secondary sources, never imaginary sources!” -CFStory); book recommendations (these are in her Linktree on TikTok–two are They Were Her Property and Why We Can’t Wait); and the history based discussions on her live?

I am here for all of it. ALL OF IT!

Black teachers matter, because history matters–and who is teaching it matters.

As one whose last female history teacher was in 6th grade? This is refreshing. This is needed. And I am always here for her.

Thank you, cousin. Thank you.

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