28 DAYS OF BLACKNESS-The Value Of LuvvNation

This space is accessible for iPhone and Android. In order to get entry to this app (which is free!), you have to be following Luvvie on some platform. Also, I cannot recommend the PROFESSIONAL TROUBLEMAKER Podcast, also hosted by Luvvie. Click here to get that book review! -JBH

I am a proud part of Luvv Nation…and LuvvNation2.0.

It is not a secret that I have been following Luvvie Ajayi Jones for years now, before this ‘writing on the internet’ thing was something I could actually do! And because I liked her wit, her frankness, and her signature red lip, I committed to follow her on all platforms! So, when LUVV NATION launched?! Oh yes, this was something that I wanted to be involved with.

The reason why this space is so incredible, is because it is Black-woman run. LuvvNation, now LuvvNation2.0, is a space where women (especially Black women!) can network, get support, ask questions, and learn how to maximize all talents in order to do better!

There are opportunities that I have been exposed to, support that I have gathered to my entrepreneur efforts, as well as learning to get out of my own way. This is my space where my Impostor Syndrome is continually checked and eliminated. The fact that while on the original LuvvNation, making my way there–supporting, participating and sharing my own journey–Luvvie sponsored by first free year on this new platform (Thank you, Luvvie! Thug eye sweat!)! And with this year, I have made the decision to getting out of my own way, and learning to fiercely believing in myself.

This space, is not just ‘for the culture.’ This is a space that allows Black women to begin to realize, they are not alone, that they can do all they dream, and the hustle is real, if you become real about it.

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